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This book is a memoir of Billy Lucious Leineke Jr’s struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse. It is a story of a life gone wrong and almost wasted, and his search for love and self affirmation through liquor, which turned into his own personal demon.


So many bottles of liquor I can’t count. My death and miraculous salvation from the world of alcoholism and drug abuse.


In his story, he shares many aspects in the evolution of his addiction. It is only when he started bleeding internally and was medically airlifted to a hospital that he was given a chance at living. He lost somewhere near 5 gallons of blood.


Saved by a team of healers in the form of doctors, nurses and many others to whom he owes his life. His memoir is meant for anyone struggling with addiction or their family and friends.


Furthermore, it is also meant for seekers of God and miracles. His death as it were is a testament to the power of salvation through God and Archangel Raphael. There is hope for all even in the grips of death.